Be A Part of Alicia Rae’s “Sweet Melody” Lyric Video

Be a Part of the Sweet Melody Lyric Video - Alicia Rae

I am going to be putting together a lyric video featuring the one-and-only, YOU.

The lyric video will be for my single, Sweet Melody, which you can download for free right here:

I wrote Sweet Melody about a love that is like a song you play on repeat. A love that you hope will never leave.

Your sweet melody could be a person, an activity, or a message to someone special in your life. Or, in a more literal sense, you could record a video of you singing along to Sweet Melody, or flashing your sweet dance moves! (Something I didn’t put in the video, because I’m an awful dancer!)

I’m looking forward to learning a little bit more about you, and what makes you smile!

Please note: By uploading your video, you are confirming that you are the rightful owner to your video content and are granting non-exclusive and non-transferrable rights to Alicia Rae Music to use, edit, and distribute your video content as part of Alicia Rae’s “Sweet Melody” music video. In addition, by uploading your video, you are confirming that all people appearing in the video agree to the above terms.

Post your videos on my Facebook page by August 29th, 2014.

Also, if you’re wondering who Maddie Grace ! Warrior Princess is, you can read all about her on her Facebook Page, or this blog post.

Watch the video below to see some of my lyric video examples.