Show Recap: Alicia Rae with Lewis Watson at U Street Music Hall 11/14/14

 Alicia Rae at U Street Music HallBest. Crowd. Ever!

A few months ago, I opened for Lewis Watson at U Street Music Hall in Washington, DC. I know I’m so late… but, I’m finally getting around to writing a blog post about the night.

When I arrived to the venue there was already a line outside of the building. Two hours before the show. Wowza! I don’t blame them – Lewis is an amazing singer/songwriter, and the ladies in line wanted to ensure their spots at the front of the stage. To be honest, I hadn’t heard of Lewis before being asked to play the show, and what a shame. I’ve been missing out on his music for years now. After listening to just a couple of his songs, he became one of my favorite singer/songwriters. So, playing this show was extra special to me.

Lewis and his keyboardist/backup singer, Rokhsan, were doing sound check when I walked in. They both greeted me with a warm welcome, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to them speak (I love their accents!).

Alicia Rae and Lewis Watson at U Street Music Hall

The U Street Music Hall staff was so kind, and made sure I had everything I needed before the start of the show. I really loved the feel of the place too. A nice open wooden floor, lined with paper lantern lights on the ceiling, and a brightly lit stage. It was a nice cozy atmosphere.

When the show started I was cheered on stage by the crowd, most of whom hadn’t heard of me prior to the show. So, that was awesome. Everyone was very attentive during each song, taking in the lyrics and the atmosphere, and when I finished they all cheered. It was really great.

Not all of my shows are that way. I think every musician can relate. Some shows have people in the front who are really digging your set, but there are also people in the back, at the bar, having their own conversation and the music is just background to them. And, that’s perfectly fine. I’m just saying that it’s a great feeling to play for an audience so quiet you can hear the sound of a camera lens from the stage.

I ended my set with Sweet Melody. By the end of the song, the entire crowd was singing along.

Just… Whoa. What an amazing feeling.

After an awkward mini-fight with my guitar cable (lol), I exited backstage to discover Lewis singing the song, too!

Lewis and Rokhsan put on an AMAZING SHOW! So much talent. He opened with Sink or Swim, which is one of my favorites, and ended with an encore in the crowd. Lewis asked everyone to use the lights on their cell phones to set the atmosphere for the encore. It was a great way to end the show.

Lewis Watson at U Street Music Hall

Afterwards, I met, and talked with so many lovely people. A number of people who told me that they dream of being on stage one day. I told them how I used to be very shy and how open mics and just getting out there has helped me get to where I’m at today. If any of you are reading this — go out and do it!

My favorite part of the entire night was definitely meeting everyone! I loved getting to know everyone, in the little time we had. And, I LOVED taking all of the goofy pictures! Here are a couple that I was tagged in on Instagram and Facebook.

Alicia Rae at U Stree Music Hall

Alicia Rae at U Street Music Hall

Alicia Rae at U Street Music Hall

If you haven’t heard of Lewis Watson, I promise you’re missing out! Here are his links:


Also, Rokhsan has an EP that was recently released on iTunes. Here are her links: