My New “Homework Sucks” Anthem!

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I spent all day yesterday working on a school paper. It was a beautiful, breezy, sunny day outside and there I was… stuck inside, at a desk, in front of my computer. woohoo (NOT!)

My sisters, and my mom went out paddle boarding, and I was just bitter about the whole situation. But, really it was all my fault because I am the world’s top procrastinator.

Anyway, after I finally turned in the paper, I decided to sit down with my guitar to write a song as a writing exercise. I recently visited Berklee College of Music in Boston and LOVED IT! I was attending the Performance Workshop, but I made a few friends who were there attending the Songwriting Workshop. I picked apart their brains about all of the classes they were taking, and what they had learned.

The class that sounded the most interesting was, Write A Song In 90 Minutes. The students were told to find a song seed (song topic), and then complete a song within the 90 minute time frame.

So, when I had grabbed my guitar to write last night, I decided to try a 90 minute songwriting exercise. I thought over my song seed and decided on homework. I thought, “Eh, kind of a lame topic, but I’m probably never going to play this song for anyone so just go with it!”

Well, I finished writing the song a lot faster than I had thought. 5 minutes. BOOM!

I guess the pressure of having only 90 minutes to write forced me to be less critical of the melody or lyrics, and so the song just kind of… appeared, freely.

It’s SUPER SILLY… a little dumb… but a really FUN song, and I love it!

After playing it for my sisters, we decided to record a video together and post it to YouTube for you all to see! So, here it is (below). I hope you love it!