Maddie Grace ! Warrior Princess

Maddie Grace Warrior Princess Quote

I have the pleasure of knowing one of the most beautiful souls on this planet; a little girl named Madison Grace. Maddie is an old, wise soul. At only the age of 9, she has a better grasp on life than most people could wish to achieve in their lifetime. She’s always smiling, and taking the most out of every moment. She’s also a four time cancer survivor, who’s recently relapsed. Maddie’s taught me a lot about living.

The most important lesson she’s taught me is, no matter the circumstance, there is only one answer… LOVE.

This past Sunday, I spent a beautiful spring afternoon celebrating Maddie’s birthday with her. I also had the pleasure of singing her a song called, Little Warrior. I wrote Little Warrior for Maddie a little over six months ago. It’s the most meaningful song I’ve ever written, so you can understand my hesitation to play it for her and her family. I wanted to make sure that it was perfect first.

After learning of Maddie’s relapse, I felt it was the perfect time to play the song for them. I played it for Maddie and her family on Easter Sunday, and within one week, at her birthday celebration, Maddie was singing along with me. It was such a beautiful, and very touching moment.

Little Warrior

After her party, we all attended a benefit to help support local families of children with cancer. Sam Grow Band played and let Maddie accompany them on stage singing Justin Bieber’s, As Long As You Love Me, one of Maddie’s favorites. My favorite part of the day was seeing how happy Miss Maddie was opening her gifts and hearing her hearty laugh… one of my favorite laughs of all time! Maddie’s been accepted into a trial down in Houston, TX where she’ll be for the next ten months. During this time, her family will need help sustaining their home in Maryland. They’ll also need help with purchasing flights for immediate family members to go down and visit Maddie. If you’d like to learn more about Maddie’s story, or to donate, please visit her GoFundMe site. You can also visit Maddie’s Facebook page for more frequent updates.