It’s A Fiesta!

My Korean heritage is very important to me, and throughout my life, I’ve tried to keep connected with it in some way.  Growing up, I tried numerous times to learn Korean, but found myself easily distracted, and never stuck with it… SQUIRREL!

But, I can proudly tell you that I did teach myself how to read and write in Korean. I don’t understand what words I am reading, hah, but I can sound out each word.

In high school I participated in Traditional Korean Fan and Drum Dance.  The Drum Dance was my favorite! This picture above is of me bowing at the end of one of my performances.

I’ve recently been re-connected with the local Asian community through my music, and Asian heritage festivals.  Last year I was introduced to Christian Oh, a very active member in the Asian community.  He is a great promoter of all-things-Asian, and he pointed me in the direction of Fiesta Asia; a month-long festival celebrating Asian Heritage Month.

After contacting Fiesta Asia, I was asked to play at three of their events: Fiesta Asia Silver Spring; Fiesta Asia Lunch Series; and Fiesta Asia Street Fair.

The Fiesta Asia Silver Spring Festival was the first event to kick off the month. It was held on a sunny Saturday afternoon in downtown Silver Spring.  The artists that I was able to see perform included traditional Filipino dancing, traditional Indian dancing, traditional Asian instruments and martial arts routines.

A few of my girlfriends came up to watch my performance, and afterwards we walked around and looked at all of the gadgets and gizmos from the vendor tents, followed by lunch at a super-yummy mom-n-pop restaurant.

Two weeks later, I performed at the International Trade Center in Washington, DC, as a part of the Fiesta Asia Lunch Series. The other performing acts were so awesome! There was a martial arts group, and a belly dancer. After my performance I went to lunch with some friends and then headed home for a much needed nap!

That following Saturday I performed at the Fiesta Asia Street Fair; the largest Fiesta Asia event which is held on Pennsylvania Avenue, right in front of the Capitol in Washington, DC. That was one of the coolest views, from the stage, that I’ve had so far. I pulled in a nice little crowd, and really enjoyed seeing everyone dancing, clapping and singing along!

I hope I get the opportunity to play at a Fiesta Asia event again next year!

Visit my Fiesta Asia Gallery to see my performance pictures.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures that I took at these events.