Current Obsession: Sunlight

Imaginary Future SunlightSo, anyone who has ever been trapped in a car with me for more than an hour, knows that I can play the CRAP out of a song/album… over, and over and over and over again until you die, and then I bring you back to life and play it again.

I call these songs, or albums, my current obsessions. I pretty much play my current obsession on repeat until I find another current obsession.

And, I’m not kidding when I say on repeat. I played one album on repeat for about 4 months straight. I only played other songs when I was forced to by a friend of mine who told me he was going to jump out of my car if he heard the song one more time. And, I love my friends so…

Anyway, I’ve decided to start sharing some of my current obsessions. So, here we go!

Kina Grannis is my favorite musician, as many of you probably know. Her (now) husband, Jesse, has been opening for her shows since almost forever.

Jesse, AKA Imaginary Future, just released Sunlight, his 11 track love letter to Kina. It’s so great and I can’t get enough!

Check out Sunlight on Spotify here.