Autumn Backwards Is Muh-Daw

Making of Autumn
I’ve recently posted the Making of Autumn video on my YouTube page. In the video, I answer your questions about how I learned the words backwards and how we shot the video. I even added a little clip in there of my favorite part of the whole experience.

While we were recording, my mom was pouring leaves over me, and my dad was caught in between. As a result, he was walking around like Leaf Man trying to balance the camera and finish recording that take. Welp, that didn’t happen. I didn’t make it too far after seeing his face before I started laughing! It sucked because we had to start the take all over again from the beginning but it was definitely the funniest, most memorable moment from that day!

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that I really like singing Autumn backwards. Oh! I’ve named the song, “Muh-Daw,” which is how you pronounce “autumn” in reverse. Not only are the lyrics different, but the melody is also completely reversed. So, it was like learning a completely new song in a different language. I’m obviously just singing a bunch if nonsense gibberish, but I love it!

I’ve had some people ask me if I still remember the words, and my answer is, “YES!” I practiced that song so much; I think it’s permanently engrained into my brain. And, I do still listen to Muh-Daw every once in a while… Like I said, I really do like the song!

You’ll have to come out to one of my upcoming shows to hear a snippet of Muh-Daw for yourself.