About Alicia Rae

Hailing from Washington DC, Alicia Rae quickly found her knack for songwriting the moment she picked up her first guitar. It was only a matter of time until Rae was quickly recognized for her crisp vocals and catchy, relatable lyrics. The singer/songwriter’s music consists of captivating pop songs with playful melodies and honest lyrics, finding influences from artists like Taylor Swift, Vanessa Carlton and Kina Grannis.

Alicia Rae’s worked with Chris Rafetto on her 2015 EP Sweet Melody, which consists of Rae’s most noteworthy songs to date, including the title track “Sweet Melody”. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences in love and heartbreak, Rae conveys heartfelt-emotion through musical storytelling in each of her songs.

Alicia Rae has played at festivals across the mid-Atlantic region and performed at famed Washington, DC music venues like Jammin’ Java and U Street Music Hall. Rae has shared the stage with award winning artists such as Mikaela Davis, Lewis Watson, Kawehi and Steve Moakler. Armed with music meant to touch the soul.